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Over 1,200 (and counting) sign petition to bring back Lumberjacks football

By Ray Hamill — The fight to bring back Lumberjacks football won’t go away.

In just a few days this week, more than 1,200 people have signed a petition to bring the sport back to Cal Poly Humboldt.

The Jacks dropped football after the 2018 season, almost five years ago to the day, with the last game at the Redwood Bowl played on Nov. 4 of that year.

College football has a long tradition here on the North Coast and the loss of the local university team was seen as a huge disappointment to local football fans.

Interest in Lumberjacks sports has never been the same since.

And fans clearly haven’t forgotten.

According to the petition, which can be accessed here, “In recent years, we have seen the unfortunate discontinuation of our football program due to various reasons. 

“While we acknowledge that the decision was made in the best interest of the college at that time, we believe that the time has come to revisit this decision and explore the possibility of bringing back our college football team.”

The petition is addressed to “President Jackson, Athletics, Students, Faculty & Staff, Community Members, & Alumnus.”

Current university president, Tom Jackson Jr., was not at the university when the decision was taken to drop the program and he arrived in Arcata the following year.

The Petition reads as follows:

“Why is this important?

“1. Enhance School Spirit: A vibrant football team creates a sense of pride and unity among students, faculty, alumni, and fans. It fosters school spirit and strengthens our connection with the college.

“2. Build a Stronger Community: Football games provide opportunities for social interaction, tailgating, and community building. The return of the team can rekindle these experiences, bringing our community closer together.

“3. Boost Enrollment and Alumni Engagement: A successful football program can attract new students and engage alumni who are passionate about the sport, resulting in increased support for our college.

“4. Promote Physical and Mental Well-being: Having a football team encourages physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, and emotional well-being among student-athletes, promoting holistic development.

“5. Offer Leadership and Growth Opportunities: Student-athletes benefit from the discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills they acquire through their involvement in the football program.”

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