Officials fear high school basketball season could be in jeopardy

Ray Hamill/ – The Six Rivers Basketball Officials Association is still trying to fill its assignor position.

By Ray Hamill — With the local high school basketball season just six weeks away, there is a growing concern the season could be in jeopardy.

As of early October, the Six Rivers Basketball Officials Association assignor position remains vacant and local officials have described the situation as a “high priority issue right now.”

The association assignor is responsible for assigning officials to more than 400 high school games at varsity, JV and freshman levels.

The position has been open since Mike Harvey stepped down this offseason after one year in charge.

And the problems for the local association don’t end there.

Harvey added to the roster of officials during his time in charge, but the association has lost a number of officials this offseason with less than 30 committing for the upcoming season.

“Our association has lost a number of veteran varsity officials who have either retired or are not returning,” one official told Humboldt Sports.

The SRBOA has reached out to the H-DNL for assistance, not just with the open assignor position but also in regard to mileage and the current local gas prices, which is also a concern for the association. 

Officials travel four or five nights a week for games all across the County

Anyone interested in applying for the position of assignor can contact the SRBOA.


The Six Rivers Basketball Officials Association (SRBOA) is inviting applications for the position of Assignor.

The following is required:

— Familiarity with basketball – ability to assign referees to games at appropriate skill level.

— Strong organizational and interpersonal skills with the ability to correspond professionally via email and phone calls to schools, coaches, and official’s inquiries.

— High level of computer/technical knowledge –- utilizing scheduling software, e-mail program

— Have own internet connection, computer, and phone

— Basic accounting/bookkeeping knowledge

To apply, please submit a letter of interest as soon as possible with your contact information to:

PO BOX 5611
EUREKA, CA 95502-5611

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  1. Yep, public education wants refs to do games, yay…

    …but not pay ALL refs for mileage…

    NCS has this unrealistic carpooling payment plan, and the current plan is a scam to pay just one official…

    …it is why other sports don’t have enough officials…

    …when schools pay others like schools receive free money, then we’ll get somewhere, until then, schools will continue with the concept of receiving freebie services…because that is what officials are castigated too in many assignments… providing free services if they accept the game…

    Decline all matches, the schools run of union labor, and that union labor undercuts service contractors with CIF bylaws that restrict pay worse than a fricken fast food employee these days…

    All assigned refs get full pay, full mileage to and from game site, anything short of those 2 basic tenets,, no deal.

    Same issues in Northern Section too.

  2. Unfortunately, it will take the various section commissioners to persuade State CIF to eliminate the fuel mileage restrictions… nothing will change until top down from CIF…

  3. It’s not about paying the assignor more money. Bottom line is lack of officials on the North Coast. This is in every sport here and even all around the State. Past assignors have struggled with these same issues year after year. Mr. Trehearne worked hard over ten (10) years, then it became a “scheduling nightmare” and lack of officials. Officials have left due to poor fan behavior, so where is the real problem.

    • Disagree, assignors need paid more, and refs need to be paid more too…long before covid, SCHOOLS, CIF, HDNL…were skimming mileage pay…

      Schools are CHEAP, two-faced dishonorable skimmers ruining sports for as many freebie services as possible…

      …as it is, all the cheap educators can do is turn a blind eye season after season…

      it is not a surprise full official crews are not happening… the reason is mostly the mistreatment by CHEAP schools, CIF, LEAGUES…

      Contact Jack Laken, his office, maybe HDNL commissioner will get a process commenced…🤷‍♂️

    • Poor fan behavior is the lamest scapegoat ever that has long been DEBUNKED!

      More likely THE INSIDERS… as fans have been fans for CENTURIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. …and for the love of sports, refs should get reserved, up close parking spaces for their vehicles, next to the handi-cap spaces… we can’t see as it is, lol…

  5. …and believe it or not, refs do QUIT when the ref organization has members who do not like each other, as over the years, the box of chocolates has proven! Adults can be pompous power trippers, backstabbers and liars…infected is not even the choice word to use…

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