South Fork

Cubs get set to install new cameras to allow live streaming

Ray Hamill/

By Ray Hamill — South Fork fans will have the opportunity to watch the Cubs’ home games live online this year, with a pair of Pixellot cameras due to be installed at the high school within the next two weeks.

The Cubs received the cameras for free as part of an NFHS Network program offering them to any member high schools.

The individual schools are responsible only for one-time installation costs.

And that means all South Fork football, soccer, basketball and volleyball games will be streamed live on the NFHS Network, with the cameras set to be installed in the school’s stadium and gymnasium.

Unfortunately, this will not include baseball or softball games.

To access the action, fans will need to subscribe to the NFHS Network at a cost of $10.99 a month, or $69.99 for an annual pass.

The H-DNL sports calendar is tentatively set to get started in December, with cross country and basketball the first two sports scheduled.

The league still must get the green light from state and local health officials before any competition can begin, and even when it does there could very well be restricted crowds.

The new cameras will allow Cubs fans unable to attend games to watch the action live. 

In addition to the two cameras, the Cubs will also receive a larger percentage of subscription revenue generated from their events in order to offset revenue losses from any reduced attendance.

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