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Record-setting Corsairs winning on and off the fields of competition

Ray Hamill/ – Multi-sport athlete Juliana Ortega-Miranda is one of 25 CR student athletes who received All-State Academic honors this week.

The College of the Redwoods student athletes continue to win despite the ongoing pandemic.

On Monday the school announced that a record 25 CR student athletes received All-State Academic honors for the 2019/20 school year.

Two of the Corsairs  — Grace Rosebrook (soccer and softball) and Juliana Ortega-Miranda (soccer and basketball) — even did so while competing in two sports.

Just as impressively for the local community college, the number of all-state honorees continues to rise.

Two years ago, the Corsairs had 16 student athletes who received All-State Academic honors, while last year it was 17.

“This a great accomplishment and testament to the commitment of our student athletes, not only to dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to compete in their sport, but also towards their educational goals and to achieve these high standards of academic success” CR Athletics Director Bob Brown said in a press release. “I am also very proud of our coaching staff for their individual support to our student athletes’ academic success, as every sport at CR is represented on this most prestigious list.”

To qualify for the honor, a student athlete must have a minimum of 24 total units passed, a season of competition, and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, all within the academic year.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that the level of academic honors of our student athletes continues to increase,” CR President Keith Flamer said. “This level of academic achievement is nothing short of remarkable and should be celebrated. I know that our faculty, administrators and coaches are committed to support student athletes as they work towards earning a degree.”

Photo by CR Athletics – Grace Rosebrook

The complete list of CR All-State Academic honorees (with class, units completed and GPA)

Men’s Basketball

Zachary Claus (Fr, 42.5, 3.835)

Isaac Puzz (Fr, 34.5, 3.594)

Drew Gillette (Fr, 34.5, 3.577)

Women’s Basketball

Theresa Dickey (Fr, 34, 3.621)

Abiona Katri (So, 67, 3.818)

Bree Northern (So, 64.5, 3.859)

Juliana Ortega-Miranda (So, 69, 3.619)


Jonathan Lewis (So, 72, 3.872)

Maxwell Shanks (Fr, 37, 3.703)


Cameron Governale (Fr, 27, 3.622)

Christian Kasper (Fr, 25, 3.684)

Micah Moon (So, 58, 3.526)

Men’s Soccer

Josevicente Chavez (So, 68, 3.702)

Women’s Soccer

Grace Rosebrook (Fr, 37, 3.835)

Kiah Martin (Fr, 24, 3.504)

Juliana Ortega-Miranda (So, 69, 3.619)


Karyn Jensen (Fr, 32, 3.838)

Destiny Peters (Fr, 40, 3.552)

Grace Rosebrook (Fr, 37, 3.835)

Sadie Wilkenson (Fr, 32, 3.819)

Track/Cross Country

Ruth Gross (So, 82, 3.791)

Hailey Hopkins (Fr, 36, 3.950)

Joshua Hunt (Fr, 30, 3.637)

Owen Lien (Fr, 39, 3.672)

Tegan Thompson (Fr, 34, 3.521)

Kathleen Wright (Fr, 46, 3.929)


Paula Mello (Fr, 29, 3.861)

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