Did California act too quickly in calling fall football?

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By Ray Hamill — A growing number of states appear to be reconsidering their decision to postpone high school football this fall, leaving local fans wondering if California jumped the gun.

On Monday, the Colorado high school athletic association announced it is considering reversing an earlier decision to postpone prep football until the new year.

This follows the state of Michigan’s recent decision to do the same, in the wake of the success many states have seen going ahead with their fall seasons.

It was originally feared that playing a high contact sports such as football — or any sport for that matter — would result in a spike in COVID-19 around the country.

According to MaxPreps, however, 21 states now are back playing football — several of them for three or four weeks — and none of them have reported a spike in cases because of it.

And that appears to have other states now reconsidering their decision to postpone, including Colorado.

While many of the West Coast states — such as California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada — have all pushed back the start of the season to the new year, 14 others reportedly have plans to begin play before the year is over.

And with the success so many states have had since resuming play, you have to wonder if more won’t follow suit sooner rather than later.

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  1. Absolutely, 100% the entire left coast jumped the gun on this in the name of fear and political agenda alignment. Look at the state we live in and you need not look any further into why this has happened.

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