New HSU athletic director to chair NCAA committee


New Humboldt State Athletic Director Jane Teixeira has been appointed to the position of the Chair of the Committee on Infractions for NCAA Division II.

Teixeira will be the first female of color to hold the position.

“It is an honor to take the Chairmanship of this committee and follow in the pathway of those before me,” Teixeira said in a press release. “I have been at various levels of the NCAA structure and this committee plays an important and vital role throughout the Association.”

As the Chair of the Committee on Infractions, Teixeira will preside over the proceedings during any contested case of summary disposition.

She will be the direct contact with committee and the NCAA Staff and run the meetings and deliberations of the committee. There are seven members of the committee, which is composed of an at-large community member and NCAA Division II Administrators.

“The individuals who serve on the committee make the chair position a truly collaborative effort,” the HSU AD added. “The Association is tasked to be self-reporting. This committee is about member institutions holding each other accountable, so we have a level playing field for all.”

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