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Sparring partners say Cosce brothers have ‘killer instinct’

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Submitted photo – Louis, left, and Orion Cosce

By Ray Hamill — With the biggest fights of their lives now less than two weeks away, Orion and Louis Cosce are on the verge of a major breakthrough in the world of MMA.

That, however, comes as no surprise to the people who know them as fighters better than anyone — their Lost Boys teammates.

“We all feel it’s been a long time coming, even since before they turned pro,” said teammate and sparring partner Andrew Guisa, who has worked closely with the brothers for the past four years. “And it’s really cool to see them finally get the chance.”

The two brothers, both former Hoopa High wrestlers, will feature on this summer’s prestigious Dana White Contender Series, with UFC contracts up for grabs.

And their fellow Lost Boys have long said it’s only a matter of time before the devastating duo make their mark at the top of the sport.

“I expect huge things out of both of them,” said Ross Lopez, who also has sparred regularly with the brothers since moving to the area in 2015 and has seen how dangerous they can be up close. “I believe they’re both top-10 fighters. They just needed the platform.”

The two fighters began to receive more attention after Louis dominated at the internationally televised Combate Americas in Stockton late last year.

“They both have that real killer instinct,” Lopez added. “They both know, when they smell blood, to finish the fight.”


Ross Lopez, center, with the Cosce brothers at the Bear River Casino

And they have done exactly that on multiple occasions. 

Both are 6-0 in the professional ranks, with a combined 10 of their wins coming in the opening round, including three in the opening seconds.

“They’re like literal terminators,” is how Guisa described them. “No matter what I did (sparring with them) it didn’t seem to bother them. It’s really hard to do anything to them because they’re so technically sharp.

“On top of that they’re beasts. They’re very physically strong.”

Lopez echoed the sentiment.

“Physically they’re just such freaks,” he said. “They’re so strong and they can move so well, and they can move explosively.”


Submitted photo – Andrew Guisa, second from left, with Louis Cosce, second from right.

Both brothers also set the standard when it comes to training.

“They have a tremendous work ethic. They’re the hardest working guys I know,” said Guisa, a former Eureka High wrestler who has known of the brothers since he competed in high school, one year behind Louis, the younger of the two. 

“Their work ethic is just insane,” added Lopez. 

The brothers, both welterweights, will fight in Las Vegas on August 18, with Louis headlining the five-fight card against Victor Reyna (11-4), and Orion fighting Matt Dixon (9-0).

“Orion has that killer instinct and he has that big brother complex,” said Lopez. “If you hit him, he’s going to hit you harder.

“Louis is very dialed in, very patient. He’s just real crisp technically, and you can tell he’s learned a lot from being the younger brother.”



For the past couple of years Orion has been training mostly out of the Sacramento area, while Louis has remained local, working continually with Lopez, Guisa and head Lost Boys trainer Brian Wilson.

And everyone at the Arcata gym is expecting big things out of both of them a week from next Tuesday.

“I would expect them both to come out with that first round finish,” Lopez said.

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