Exciting times for Miller as he explores different options


Submitted photo – Tyson Miller, left, along with trainer John Thompson and Cass Bell.

By Ray Hamill — Tyson Miller is looking into some different career options right now, as he continues to grow as a fighter.

The former Eureka Logger has been building a reputation in recent years as one of the top up-and-coming MMA fighters in the area, and is as driven as anyone to succeed.

COVID-19 hasn’t put so much as a dent into those lofty ambitions. In fact, if anything it’s made Miller more determined than ever, and he has been keeping as busy as ever for the past few months.

“I’m so competitive, it hurts sometimes,” he said, adding that his training has been relentless. “It’s almost to the point I’m obsessed with how many workouts I can do today and how many times can I run today.”

In his own words, he wants to out train everybody.

“(The top fighters) never take a day off, so I firmly believe I can’t either,” he said.

Unlikely source

Just as important, Miller has been working every bit as relentlessly on his mental preparation too, and gaining some valuable knowledge from an unlikely source.

The 22-year-old says he has learned a lot from watching film of many of the great middleweight boxers from the 1980s, like Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran.

“Seeing those guys go to war and some of the things they do is amazing,” he said. “I basically took all my free time and I’ve been training and watching film. It’s what I love to do.”


Submitted photo

For such a young fighter, Miller appreciates the opportunities he and others like him have these days.

“We are in the most incredible age ever for athletics,” he said. “That’s because we have more knowledge than ever and we can watch an insane amount of film on whatever sport we want.”

Studying fight film is something Miller says he loves to do.

“I love the game so much, I fell in love with all aspects of it,” he said.

Big announcement

Miller, who fights out of the Institute of Combat in Arcata and is a teammate of Cass Bell, says he is hoping to make a big announcement about his future soon.

In addition to looking at some new management opportunities, Miller is also looking to widen his experiences with eyes on possibly competing at the prestigious ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships.

“The direction I’m taking my career in is I feel the best way I can go,” he said. “I’m the youngest (pro fighter in the area). I’ve still got 15 years as a fighter, and really I’m just trying to find the best situation for me.”

He also admits he continues to learn from his experienced older teammate.

“I was super fortunate to train with Cass during his camp,” Miller said of Bell, who lost for the first time as a pro at the recent Bellator 242 after taking a tough fight at short notice. “That guy’s a warrior. I can’t tell you how many guys who would have run from a fight like that if they were 5-0. He knew that was going to be tough, but he’s just got that championship mindset.”

For now, Miller is remaining patient and continues to work hard for when his next opportunity comes.

“I’m looking to continue my training and fight whenever COVID allows me to fight,” he said.

Miller is 1-0 as a pro after winning his Bellator debut last year.

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