HSU announces voting initiative for student athletes

Humboldt State Athletics has announced a cross campus partnership with the formation of the Lumberjacks Vote Initiative to improve voter turnout among student athletes at the local university.

“We are in a time of civil unrest and the need to create action is important,” HSU Director of Athletics Jane Teixeira said in a press release announcing the news on Tuesday. “This group was formed to take action, foster leadership and have an impact. We are doing a small but essential part to assist students, student athletes, coaches, staff, faculty and local community members in exercising their right to vote. 

“Many individuals have worked long and hard for decades to give us the ability to exercise our power at the ballot box and it’s important that we honor that work, not just nationally but locally too.”

The department will be working with Associated Students, Housing, and the Office of Student Life to facilitate voter education and improved voter turnout among the HSU student athletes and other campus groups. 

According to the press release, “The athletics department is committed to allocating time for each team to complete education sessions about the voting process during the beginning of the semester. These sessions will take place prior to October 3, to give student athletes appropriate time to register to vote in the November 3 election. 

“The Athletic Department will provide scheduling flexibility on election day for student athletes, coaches and staff to exercise their right to vote.”

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