College of the Redwoods

CR athletics promises more community involvement


Ray Hamill/ – CR’s Sadie Wilkinson is one of several local standouts who made the decision to stay local and play for the Corsairs.

By Ray Hamill — The Corsairs appear ready to come out fighting.

Despite the recent setbacks due to concerns over the coronavirus, College of the Redwoods vowed this week to increase its efforts to continue to build community relationships with its sports teams.

In a press release announcing the postponement of this summer’s annual dinner and sports auction, the Corsairs stressed that once competition resumes there will be an emphasis on increased local recruiting and promotions.

According to the press release, “CR is focused on continuing to build those relationships through increased efforts of recruitment of local student athletes for next year. 

“The Athletics department is encouraged by the continued increase they are seeing of senior local athletes committing to play at CR next academic year.”

There certainly has been plenty of interest recently in the local community college sports teams, with many of them (although not all) attracting top H-DNL recruits, and that has helped increase community interest and support, something that was apparent during an exciting and very successful basketball season.

The school also announced that once competition resumes there will be more “community volunteering by student athletes.”

In addition, there will be more promotions, including giving away game and season passes.

According to the Corsairs, they want to create “the same kind of exciting atmosphere their basketball programs did this past season.”

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