Annual alumni football game remains on the schedule


Ray Hamill/ – Action from last year’s alumni game.

By Ray Hamill — The annual McKinleyville and Arcata alumni football game remains on the schedule for now, with plans to push it back if necessary.

The showdown between the two rival schools, which has become an annual tradition in recent years, is the major fundraiser for the McKinleyville football program and canceling it would put a drain on the team’s resources.

“If we’re not able to play then that hurts us a lot,” McKinleyville head coach and event organizer Keoki Burbank said.

The Mack head coach has prioritized the showdown in his five years in charge of the Panthers, and the game has become a much anticipated tradition for many of the players involved.

This year’s showdown is scheduled for the last Saturday in May, although the date remains flexible.

“If we need, we’ll just keep pushing it as much as we can,” Burbank said.

The head coach is hoping to use some of the funds raised from this year’s game to purchase new uniforms for his players.

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