Help My Horse is Drowning!

“Undeniably a hilariously entertaining read. Ray Hamill writes in a casual, infectiously funny style that immediately captivates from the first page and actively keeps the reader engaged right on through to the end … four stars,” Authors Talk About It


Exactly why is baseball the Doc Brown of the sports world, yet also the coolest member of the harem? And when is it not considered politically correct to call the Detroit Lions the real turkeys of Thanksgiving.

Help, My Horse is Drowning! is a uniquely humorous look at the world of sports and how it impacts us, told through the eyes of an enthusiastically delusional athlete and a “normal-challenged” fanatic.

From the schoolyards on the north side of Dublin City to the redwood parks and sports bars of Northern California, Ray Hamill takes us on a sports journey that spans a lifetime, capturing the essence of why we love it all as much as we do and why we all go a little nuts when it comes to sports.

This book covers a wide gamut of stories, offering an intriguing insight into the history and evolution of many of the sports we love, and more than a few observations on the lovely madness of it all.

Stories such as when the greatest soccer team ever walked through the front door of his father’s store one unsuspecting afternoon, or the night Smokin’ Joe Frazier came to Hopland and showed a side of himself not widely known.

Stories that explain why stoners and disc golf were made for each, why the sports of ice hockey and hurling are closer in nature than you might think, and how chasing nine pounds of cheese down a steep hill can land you in hospital, or worse still, how watching some idiot chasing nine pounds of cheese down a steep hill can land you in hospital.

Discover how “splashiming” is an art form all on its own, why golf boxing might just be the next great sport, and how swearing out loud can get you sent off in rugby, but is really just an emoji for people who still like to talk.

A series of anecdotes and observations from a lifetime association with the world of sports, Help, My Horse is Drowning! doesn’t so much ask the question why we care about it all as much as we do, but rather what the hell are we thinking when we do?

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