Free the Leprechauns

Poor God is having a tough week. The power in heaven has gone out and all the ice cream in his fridge has melted, and if that wasn’t bad enough he just found out he’s being sued by sports fans in Cleveland who are growing weary of always hearing from star athletes in other cities how he helps them win. He never helps the teams in Cleveland win.

Then, just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, he discovers his magic wand – the source of his power – has gone missing, and for the life of him he simply cannot remember where it might be.

FTL jpeg coverFree The Leprechauns by Ray Hamill is a delightful tale of optimistic cynicism told in a shamelessly humorous narrative. The book follows the adventures of Stuart the proud Scottish sperm, as he sets out to help God discover the whereabouts of his magic wand, along with his new friends, Harold the wise old hamster; E.T. the Extra Testicle, an alien sex addict; and Seamus the kind-hearted smidget, a pint-sized mythical Irish creature.

Together, they face a race against time to save the universe before all seven signs of the apocalypse have come to pass, and with the devil hot on their trail, they know he’ll do everything in his power to stop them.

On their travels, Stuart and his new friends meet an assortment of bewildering characters, including Miclin O’Toole, the high king of the leprechauns, as well as the devil himself, and Father Willie Stroker the Catholic priest, who tells them all to have faith and to think of religion as kind of like an Easter Bunny for grown-ups, “an Easter Bunny who likes to hold grudges and loves to inflict horrific never-ending burning pain on any delightful innocent cute little child who doesn’t believe in him.”

With fearless UNN reporter Anderson Super describing events along the way, Free the Leprechauns is a satirical look at how contemporary society has lost sight of the important things in life and asks the seemingly obvious question, if God truly made mankind in his own image, how smart can he really be?

A cross between Monty Python’s The Life of Brian and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Free the Leprechauns is a unique blend of brazen humor and social commentary.

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